Discord for Schools - Adapting Learning

Discord for Schools - Adapting Learning

Apr 17, 2024

Victor Dulout

Discord, initially designed for gamers, has confidently found its place in the education sector. It has been widely adopted by educators from middle school to the university level for its ability to enhance communication and collaboration inside and outside of classrooms.

Discord as an Essential Educational Tool

Discord offers its server administrator many tools to organise the classroom exactly how a teacher might want to organise a class. You can create separate channels for each project or lesson, helping students collaborate and review study material as all past conversations are easily accessible. The ability to handle various media types and direct file uploads allows for prompt and efficient resource sharing. Teachers can host virtual lectures, and students can present their work to their classmates. It's a way of bringing the classroom experience into the digital world, making remote learning more interactive and engaging. Snow days can now also be productive days!

A Great Match for College and University Environments

Discord shines in higher education environments. Juggling multiple responsibilities is common for college and university students, making effective communication and collaboration critical. Discord's round-the-clock accessibility is a game-changer. Students can engage in discussions at their convenience, catch up on missed talks, or collaborate on group projects. Faculty members can use Discord for virtual office hours, to answer queries, or to facilitate discussions beyond the traditional classroom. It’s also a great way to stay in contact with alumni communities, allowing current students to get opportunities from their peers who have now entered the professional world.

Discord's usefulness is not limited to online classes. Its integration with other educational tools, like Google Classroom and Quizlet, simplifies the learning process for students. The move towards digital learning has opened up new possibilities. From regular classes to colleges and universities, Discord has become a vital tool in our digital learning landscape. Its transition from a gaming platform to a dynamic, collaborative learning space has been successful.

FERPA Warning for Discord

If you are looking to use Discord for your classes and want to avoid running into FERPA issues, you should have a look at using Bind, to keep your server secure and only available to verified student accounts.

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