Discord role ideas

Discord role ideas

Sep 27, 2023

Dylan Terry

Discord Roles
Discord Roles

Discord roles are more than just labels; they are tools that empower you to create dynamic communities. With roles, you can categorise members based on their interests, expertise, or loyalty to specific products or services.

Beyond the segmentation of members, roles offer an avenue for recognition. By awarding members with roles, you can acknowledge enthusiasm for your product and nurture brand ambassadors. These passionate members often take the mantle of not just followers, but also promoters and supporters, enhancing community engagement and fostering organic growth.

The power of recognition cannot be understated – in a digital era, a motivated community member can be your communities best asset.

Discord Role Ideas

Here are some ideas for roles to help you bring your server to the next level.

Customer-based roles

Being able to identify which members of your server are customers of yours unlocks a range of engagement and revenue opportunities. You can reward customers, with special access and community benefits, while incentivising visitors back to your website to convert into customers!

  • verified-customer: give customers of your product a role in Discord. But, you are probably thinking, how do I know who my customers are? This is where the power of Bind comes into play. Check out Bind right now for free.

  • verified-subscriber: give subscribers to a newsletter or blog a role in your Discord. This is a powerful role for writers who want to build a community around their readers. Platforms like Patreon have a Discord integration, but if you are a Substack writer, read here how you can integrate Substack and Discord using Bind.

Product-based roles

Product experts in your community can be powerful. They act as both a product advocate, speaking to the benefits of your product, and product support, helping users understand and use the product effectively. When you give these experts the prestige of a special product expert role, these benefits really accelerate!

  • 🧠 product-expert (based on purchases or usage): using Bind, you can connect your customer purchase data and automatically assign roles for members who, for example, have purchased 10 products or have completed actions on your product that show competency.

  • 🤗 early adopter: give early users of your product status in the community. You can use this role to incentivise people to be early users and drive some early product adoption.

Location-based roles

Location roles allow you to provide a level of localisation to your server. Discord communities often encapsulate people from all over the world, with different languages and cultures. If you know a section of your customers/users are from a non-English speaking country, the following roles might be interesting.

  • 🌍 Language: create a community of users who want to communicate in their native language. The most popular way to do this is via self-select roles, powered by bots like MEE6.

  • 🌎 Country: Create a community of people who live in the same country. This is especially useful if there is some level of local in-person events or product activity that people can speak about.

Other roles

  • 👑 VIP: a role for people who hold a special status in your community. Potentially for important customers, partners or executives. Upload a CSV of VIPs to Bind and let us handle the rest!

  • verified member: for Discord members who verify themselves. Learn about the benefits of Discord verification and how we unlock this at Bind.

  • 🤝 partners: give partners of your company special status in your community. This can add a layer of benefit to a partnership and give partners status in your community.

  • level based on server activities: if you want to optimise your server for engagement, a popular role strategy is to give users a level based on their activity in your server. As they engage more, they get a higher level, which in turn unlocks more access and status in the community.

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