Building an Engaged Discord Community for Your Product

Building an Engaged Discord Community for Your Product

Sep 7, 2023

Dylan Terry

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Have a Clear Purpose

Every successful venture begins with a clear, well-defined purpose, and your company's Discord server is no exception. When creating a community, it's vital to define why it exists and what members can expect from joining. This clarity will guide the direction of your community and also attract the right members. Some examples:

  • Providing customer support

  • Getting customer feedback

  • Creating a space for product discussion

  • Giving followers/fans/customers a space to connect with each other

Talk to Your Community Members Like They Are Real People

In a digital space, it's easy to forget that behind each username (often anon) is a real person. As you build your Discord community, make it a priority to communicate authentically and humanely. Practice empathy, be respectful, listen, and engage with your members in a meaningful way. Fostering an environment where users feel heard, appreciated, and connected is key.

Embrace the Channel Format

Discord’s channel format is one of its unique features. Rather than viewing it as a hurdle compared to traditional forum formats, embrace it as an opportunity to create focused discussion threads. With channels, you can have separate spaces for different topics, which can lead to more in-depth and organised conversations. Think about it as a way of building smaller communities within your larger community.

Get Your Users Involved, But Don't Overwhelm Them

Involving your users is key to fostering an engaged community. Encourage them to share their thoughts, contribute to discussions, or even take on moderator roles. However, be mindful not to overwhelm your members with constant invites to activities, floods of messages, or incessant notifications. Striking a balance is crucial – you want to keep your community active and vibrant without becoming a nuisance.

Enhancing Your Discord Community with Bind

When it comes to creating a personalized experience for your Discord community, that's where Bind comes into play. Bind is a Discord bot that pulls data into your Discord server, enabling you to identify your customers, followers, fans and leads.

  1. Personalized Communication with Bind: Bind enhances interactions by providing deeper insights into community members. It helps distinguish between seasoned customers rich in product knowledge and newcomers still exploring your brand. With this context, you can modify your tone and engagement level to suit each individual's familiarity and comfort with your product or company.

  2. Curating Interest-Specific Channels with Bind: Bind's user data empowers you to direct members into channels that align with their knowledge or interests. For instance, customers could be guided towards channels for sharing valuable product feedback, while leads can be directed to channels that provide detailed product content and onboarding information. This segmentation nurtures a more focused and personalized community experience.

  3. Selective Notifications using Bind: Bind's intelligence extends to customizing user notifications, only alerting members about invites, posts, and events that align with their interests and user journey. This allows you to maintain an active, vibrant community, while ensuring that members are not overwhelmed by irrelevant notifications. This mindful approach to engagement goes a long way in fostering a satisfied, engaged community.

Takeaway: Creating Successful Discord Servers is Easier with the right tools

Building an engaged Discord community might be challenging, but with the right tools, the process can be significantly eased. With Bind, you get to know your community members beyond their usernames and provide them with a personalized experience that resonates with them. Remember, an engaged community leads to loyal users, invaluable feedback, and an active brand presence – it's definitely worth the effort!

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