How to find a Discord Server? - Searching for your Community

How to find a Discord Server? - Searching for your Community

Mar 21, 2024

Victor Dulout

Whether you're looking for like-minded hobbyists, a group to discuss the latest tech trends or just a place to hang out, there's a Discord server for you. But how do you find these communities? Let's dive into the simple ways to search for Discord servers.

1. Use Discord’s Server Discovery

Discord's own Server Discovery feature is your starting point. This tool, accessible directly from the Discord app, allows users to browse through a list of popular servers. You can search for servers by name or by category, such as Gaming, Music, or Education. To access this directory click on the compass icon on the bottom-left sidebar to start exploring.

However, this tool will only allow you to search servers that have allowed to be found using the directory. Unfortunately the specific server you might be looking for might not be on this list and you will need to try something else.

2. Go visit the webpage

Most modern websites have links to the social platforms they are currently active on. These links are usually found at the bottom of the page in the navigation bar or on the “Contact Us” page.

3. Browse Online Directories

The internet is abundant with Discord server directories. Websites like Disboard,, and have extensive listings across various categories. These directories allow you to read descriptions, see user ratings, and even join servers directly from their web pages.

4. Utilize Social Media and Forums

Many Discord servers are promoted on social media platforms and forums. Subreddits related to your interests often have Discord servers linked in their sidebars. Similarly, Facebook groups, Twitter threads, and other community forums often share invites to relevant Discord servers.

5. Ask for Recommendations

Sometimes the best way to find a Discord server is through word-of-mouth. Ask friends or community members to send you an invite link to the specific server you are looking for. People are often eager to share their favorite online hangouts.

6. Check Content Creators' Channels

Many YouTubers, streamers, and bloggers have their own Discord servers where fans and community members can gather. Check the descriptions of their videos or their profile pages for Discord invites.

Hopefully this has helped you find the right server. Always remember to read the rules and guidelines. Each server has its own culture and set of expectations, so understanding these will ensure a great experience for everyone involved.

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