Unlock the marketing potential of Discord

Unlock the marketing potential of Discord

Oct 9, 2023

Dylan Terry

Community-led growth - Bind
Community-led growth - Bind

In today's digital age, social media platforms have become vital tools for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram have long dominated the marketing landscape, there is a rising star that businesses should not overlook: Discord.

Originally created for gamers to communicate and build communities, Discord has evolved into a powerful platform that offers immense marketing potential for businesses of all types.

In this blog post, we will explore:

  1. Community-led growth as a marketing strategy.

  2. The types of companies that can benefit from community-led growth.

  3. The various features and functionalities of Discord that make it an ideal platform for community-led growth.

What is community-led growth?

Community-led growth is an increasingly popular marketing strategy where companies leverage their communities – users, customers, and advocates – to drive growth. Rather than relying solely on traditional marketing tactics, community-led growth emphasises creating meaningful connections and engaging with customers on a deeper level. It prioritises building and nurturing relationships within these communities to achieve business objectives, such as product development, customer acquisition and retention.

Community-led growth is a rapidly growing trend. A key driver for this is the inherent revenue opportunities it offers. Word-of-mouth and peer recommendations within communities can be more effective and less expensive than traditional advertising. Also, engaged community members are more likely to be loyal customers, reducing churn and increasing lifetime customer value.

Importantly, all of this is enabled by the recent rise of digital platforms. Platforms like Discord, Slack, and Instagram make it easier than ever for companies to engage directly with their user base and build communities around their products or services.

Community-led growth is founded on several key principles:

  1. Authenticity: Building a genuine and transparent relationship with the community is essential. It involves being open, honest, and responsive to community feedback and concerns.

  2. Engagement: Actively engaging with the community is crucial for building strong relationships. This can take the form of responding to comments, hosting events, facilitating discussions, and providing valuable content.

  3. Empowerment: Giving community members a sense of ownership is vital. By empowering them to contribute ideas, provide feedback, and even take on leadership roles, businesses can foster a sense of ownership and loyalty within the community.

  4. Value Creation: Providing value to the community is a fundamental aspect of community-led growth. This can be in the form of educational content, exclusive offers, rewards programs, or access to unique experiences. By continuously delivering value, businesses can keep community members engaged and invested in the brand.

  5. Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration and co-creation within the community can strengthen bonds and foster a sense of camaraderie. Businesses can leverage the collective knowledge, skills, and creativity of the community to drive innovation and problem-solving.

What type of companies should consider community-led growth?

While community-led growth can benefit businesses across various industries, certain types of companies are particularly well-suited to harness its potential. Let's explore the types of companies that should consider community-led growth as a key marketing strategy:

  1. Software and Tech Companies: Many tech companies, especially those offering SaaS products, have leveraged communities for product development, support, and growth. For example - Elastic.

  2. Consumer Brands: Brands that rely on consumer loyalty and word-of-mouth can benefit significantly from building and nurturing a community. For example - Samsung.

  3. E-commerce Platforms: By facilitating interactions between buyers and sellers, these platforms can foster trust, encourage reviews and recommendations, and create a sense of community among users. For example - Nothing Tech.

  4. Educational Platforms: Communities can provide support, resources, and networking opportunities for learners. For example - Duolingo Discord.

It's important to note that community-led growth is not limited to these industries alone. Any company that aims to build a loyal customer base, foster brand advocacy, and create a sense of community among its customers can benefit from embracing community-led growth as an integral part of their marketing strategy. With this understanding, let's delve into how Discord can unlock the marketing potential of community-led growth for these companies.

Discord for community-led growth

Discord has emerged as a popular platform for community-led growth. Initially designed for gamers to communicate while playing, Discord's versatile features have made it a go-to choice for various communities, businesses, and even educational institutions. Here's why Discord is a great place for community-led growth:

Versatile Communication Channels:

Discord provides a range of communication channels that enable businesses to interact with their community members in real time. These channels include text chats, voice chats, and video calls, allowing for seamless and dynamic communication. Businesses can host Q&A sessions, conduct live events, and facilitate discussions, fostering a sense of connection and engagement within the community.


Discord offers robust organisation features, such as roles, channels and permissions, that allow businesses to manage their communities. By assigning roles, businesses can differentiate community members based on their level of engagement, expertise, or contributions. This not only helps in maintaining order but also empowers community members to take on leadership roles and contribute to the growth of the community. Read here, if you want some role ideas for your Discord.


Discord supports integration with many third-party apps and services, making it adaptable to various community needs. For instance, a company can integrate its CRM using Bind, pulling valuable marketing data into your community!

Community Engagement Tools:

Built-in features like polls, announcements, and pinned messages enable businesses to gather feedback, gauge sentiment, and make important announcements to their community. These tools not only enhance engagement but also provide valuable insights for refining marketing strategies and improving products or services.

In conclusion, Discord provides a powerful platform for businesses to unlock the marketing potential of community-led growth. By embracing Discord as a strategic tool, businesses can create meaningful connections, drive brand advocacy, and ultimately, achieve sustainable growth through community-led marketing efforts.

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